Hello everyone welcomes here. Today I’m sharing with you something very interesting that will help you while travelling. It’s about Airbnb, you might be familiar with this term but do you know all about it? Maybe not so don’t be a worry. Here I’ll tell What is Airbnb? And the Reasons why you should use Airbnb while travelling? While on one side people generally use hotels or hostels for accommodation now they are in search of something homier, cosier and cheaper. And Airbnb is something which is on-trending in recent years, and still. Trust me it is something that can make your travel budget-friendly and easy. Moreover, I’ll also share with you some useful tips that you should keep in your mind before booking for Airbnb. So now let’s get understand that What is Airbnb?

What exactly is an Airbnb? How it can be used?

Airbnb (founded in August 2008) is an online platform for those people who are willing to rent out their property for a short or long period to the travellers visiting their area. It might be a house, an apartment, a yacht or a houseboat. In 2007, it was originally named as “Air bed and breakfast” by two roommates “Brian Chesky” and “Joe Gebbia” in San Francisco, Unites States. As they were unable to pay their rent, so they got an idea to put an apartment of their room on rent. Afterwards, they made it vacant for 3 guests as well as also make them available handmade breakfast. And this is it from where it had started. Airbnb doesn’t own any property but it acts as an intermediary between a property owner (known as Host) and a person searching for accommodation (known as Guest).

How to use Airbnb if you are a “Host”

1. For Hosts, Airbnb is a good idea to earn money through their spare property.
2. Firstly you have to list your property or accommodation with the Airbnb website which is free of cost.
3. Make sure you give all the necessary details regarding the accommodation like the number of rooms, washroom area, living area, Wifi support, number of beds, Television, or whatever is available with your property. In this way, the guest gets full clarity.
4. Take as many photos you can of the accommodation along with a good resolution.
5. Before listing yourself, you should go through Competitor Research to know the market trends (such as the prices, amenities etc. that others are offering).
6. Make confirm that everything is in working condition inside the accommodation. As a result, it will always leave a good impact on your guests.

How to use Airbnb if you are a “Guest”

1. If you are a traveller and visiting an area or country, once try to find out for an Airbnb as it helps you spend less than a hotel or hostel. Alongside makes you feel like a home.
2. The first step is to Sign up yourself with Airbnb as a guest. You can use your email id or can link up with your Google and Facebook account, the choice is yours.
3. Now you can start searching for a place according to you. Make sure to check out all the necessary information and facilities your host is providing.
4. Must point your eyes on the previous reviews of the accommodation given by the travellers, it helps a lot in building trust with your host.
5. Always make sure to give brief information about yourself in your profile section like who are you and what are your travel plans etc. It helps the host to know more about you.
6. Finally, request your booking and wait for the response. It might take a few hours to a host for giving confirmation, after going through your profile.
7. Instant booking is also available with some hosts. It consumes less time, and best for those who are in the rush of getting accommodation.


Before going further let’s take a look at the “Airbnb booking process” with the help of this video.


Pros and Cons of Airbnb

It is much cheaper in comparison to hotels and saves travellers money. Sometimes it has an issue with privacy problems as you enter in someone’s property for stay.
It’s totally up to the hosts to choose the price for their accommodation. Reviews might be untrue however it has fewer chances.
It’s a good source of income for the people with vacant or spare property to earn their livelihood. Issues related to security. You will find here less security than a hotel room.
Travellers get a chance to connect with the locals and neighbours of the area. Things may be different. Sometimes you don’t get like that what you see online. Be careful always.
Along with the basic amenities, it provides you with enough space in return for your money It’s not easy to list out your property with any place, as hosts need to go through the authorization of their locality first.
Airbnb is upgraded now with more offerings like Airbnb experiences and Restaurants. While searching for a particular location, people would now able to see Restaurants listings and a list of experiences offered by the hosts. Guests might harm the property of a host. So sometimes it becomes risky to a host.

Reasons why you should use Airbnb while travelling

So guys, now I think you must have learned a bit about Airbnb. Now it’s time to know the reasons behind why to choose Airbnb while travelling. Well, it’s all up to you how you want to spend your holiday whether you can go to a hotel or choose an Airbnb. Here I can just help you with some good suggestions. So, let’s have a look at these points.

It’s a Budget-friendly option

It is the best option for those who don’t want to spend more on their stay and are searching for cheaper accommodation. As it offers you large spaces along with an affordable price. A budget-traveller must try it out.

Best for group travellers

Airbnb’s rental opportunity helps those group of people who want to enjoy their special moments along with each other. Whether you are with family, friends or colleagues you just need a whole apartment of Airbnb. And as I mentioned above that it provides you with large spaces so it’s great for a group of travellers.

Just like another home

The best type of Airbnb rental are those which provides you with an apartment at home where a host is living. As it creates a homy ambience along with a bedroom, furniture set, kitchen etc. You feel like you’re at home and it makes you satisfy.

A safe option for Guest as well as the host

For your safety purpose, you don’t need direct pay to your host. Your all transactions first go to Airbnb staff and they keep it with them for the next 24 hours after your check-in. Later, they give it to your host. Incase if any guest does damage the property of any host, Airbnb’s Host guarantee program compensates host with an amount of up to $1,000,000. Though, it is with acceptable countries.

Have experience with locals

Along with some Airbnb rentals, you may get a chance to stay in the local’s area that gives you detailed information about your destination. To know about the locals, their lifestyle, food, culture etc., all this is a good opportunity for those travellers who comes from abroad.

Cooking in Airbnb’s Kitchen

Get a chance to cook in the kitchen provided by the Airbnb rental. It saves travellers money from purchasing costly food items. You can cook with some local ingredients found nearby. Furthermore, if you want to eat from outside so you can do this also.

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